Launching in Feb 2021

The advancement of technology has changed jobs. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven the need to adapt to survive. The Nano Program will equip our young learners with skills and prepare them for the technological driven future.



Introducing the Nano Program. A new program designed to introduce technological concepts and engineering methods to help your child develop 21st century thinking skills.

Combining multidisciplinary subjects to incorporate the applications of science, technology, maths and engineering for a full learning experience.

Consisting of 40 carefully crafted engineering and coding activities to draw your child deeper into understanding the real world and relate to it. From space travels, to construction of structures, to the care of the environment and much more.


How It Works

Nano Program Levels

  • Creator - Level 1:
    4-sessions (u/p RM 160)

    The creator level engages children to explore science in a way that is practical and fun.

  • Inventor - Level 2:
    12-sessions (u/p RM 480)

    As children progress to inventor, they are challenged with various problems. The inventor level allows children to find and create solutions to problems.

  • Mastermind - Level 3:
    24-sessions (u/p RM 960)

    Mastermind celebrates the efforts children put into completing tasks and overcoming challenges. As they grow, the skills developed will be evident on a daily basis.


Why / Benefits

EFK Nano Program innovation benefits


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